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Fabrications and Other Notions

My mother and grandfather were both involved in sewing and the production of clothing. They thought I should carry on the tradition and put needle and thread in my hands at the age of 5. I instantly hated it and to this day my reaction hasn’t much changed.

That doesn’t mean that I have avoided collecting pieces of fabric. I have been the recipient of some marvelous gifts of clothing, brilliantly colored, finely stitched, but that I would never wear. Some of course I give away, others have found a home in my studio in the same way that hundreds of pieces of paper, ephemera and other found objects have settled in (permanently it seems).

So it seemed a good idea to give those neglected pieces of fabric some opportunity for another life and incorporate them into my work. This series makes use of embroidered clothing from India, upholstery samples, necktie pieces and other scraps. No needle or thread passed my hands in the process.

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